Simple reusable Jupyter environments

Use Jupyter through Docker without learning computer science

A simple user interface allowing you to easily run Jupyter Lab or Notebooks through virtual environments on your Windows or Mac computer

You don’t need to learn or use any Docker commands at all

Select a standard Jupyter starting point, or specify a Binder-ready git repo

Choose a workspace folder on your computer’s hard drive

This is to store Jupyter notebook files and data

Launch straight into Jupyter Lab or Notebook in your browser

No need for tokens or passwords

Export the environment to be reused for other projects or shared with colleagues

Clone as a pre-built Conda environment to be reused whenever and wherever it is needed, or send to a colleague as a standalone file so they can run your notebook exactly as you last saw it

Since environments used by ContainDS can run Linux, it can often be easier to build and maintain these isolated virtual environments than building and installing packages natively in Windows or MacOS.