Share Data Science Dashboards with Colleagues and Clients

Automatically, Reliably, and Securely

ContainDS is a data science dashboard deployment system

Simple infrastructure to share prototypes and dashboards based on any open source frameworks.

Your data scientists always use their preferred development environments, guaranteed.

ContainDS solutions will:

  • Grant decision makers and clients easy access to actionable insights helping them move projects forward quickly and with confidence.
  • Save time and reduce errors for your Data Science team, allowing them to focus on their core roles.
  • Eliminate IT security threats from data science teams hosting web apps and sensitive data in arbitrary insecure cloud locations.
  • Empower data scientists to use their dashboarding framework of choice while unifying your team’s approach to publishing.

R Shiny, VoilĂ , Streamlit, Plotly Dash, Bokeh/Panel are all supported out of the box, and any other web app framework such as Flask can be added easily.

ContainDS Dashboards

An extension for any self-hosted or cloud-based JupyterHub, turning it into a dashboard sharing and deployment solution.

Instantly clone Jupyter notebooks into user-friendly ‘VoilĂ ’ dashboards, or use any other open source dashboarding framework.

Use JupyterHub’s authentication system to share with other JupyterHub users.

ContainDS Deploy

A git-based workflow solution to deploy dashboards into Kubernetes, protected by Enterprise-ready authentication components.

A simple YAML file in a git repo will turn data scientists’ code into a live dashboard. Use any open source framework or web server.

Central configuration can control sharing and resource usage available to each dashboard.

Do your Data Science team’s current ad-hoc deployment methods involve:

  • Uploading to their own cloud servers, then forgetting to take them down for months.
  • Hosting sensitive client data on insecure and unapproved infrastructure.
  • Sending future model updates over emails.
  • Spending hours installing technical software on colleague’s computers.
  • Not knowing whether clients ever looked at the finished dashboards.
  • Results that don’t quite match what the data scientist saw on their own computer.
  • Different technical solutions for sharing dashboards based on individual choice of underlying frameworks.

ContainDS solutions will solve all these frustrations, providing you with a unified approach to sharing data visualizations instantly, reliably, and securely.