Is ContainDS really free?

Yes, the existing software is free of charge for any use including commercial, academic, or personal. You can use the software as downloaded today for free indefinitely and without restriction.

Our aim is to encourage use of Docker containers when running your Jupyter environments. In the future, we expect to add additional commercial services or extensions to the software that will be at a cost to the user, designed to ensure our overall business is sustainable in the long run.

Please get in touch if you have any questions at all about these arrangements.

Using Docker Toolbox on older systems

If your computer does not support the requirements for running Docker Desktop, you can use Docker Toolbox instead – this runs Docker inside a VirtualBox virtual machine.

Download the latest Docker Toolbox installer (exe for Windows, pkg for Mac). For more information about Docker Toolbox see their docs for Windows or Mac.

Once installed, you don’t need to explicitly start Docker Toolbox to use it within ContainDS. Just start ContainDS. Since Docker Desktop will not be running, you should see this screen:

Just click Use VirtualBox at that point and Docker will be started within a VirtualBox virtual machine.

Installation Problems on Windows

When running the installer on Windows, you may be asked to explicitly state that you trust software supplied by Ideonate Ltd.

If you see this:

Click ‘More Info’ then ‘Run anyway’ provided it lists the Publisher as ‘Ideonate Ltd’.

How can I find out about updates?

Please sign up to our newsletter to find out about new features and guides.

ContainDS itself will check for software updates every time it runs.