Free Open Source

The ContainDS Dashboards core JupyterHub extensions are free and open source:

  • Allow creation of dashboards cloned from Jupyter Notebooks, Streamlit, Plotly Dash scripts, etc already uploaded to your JupyterHub
  • All dashboards are shared automatically with all authenticated JupyterHub users
  • Free support available via email and GitHub

Source code on GitHub

Enterprise Options

Paid solutions available for:

  • Create dashboards from external file sources such as private git repos
  • Metrics and usage tracking of dashboards
  • Advanced user permissions to control sharing
  • Send simple invite links based on email authentication for your clients
  • Professional support and deployment services

Please get in touch with your requirements to help us shape the product!

We are always pleased to hear from anyone interested in using the software, whether for free or paid. Please Contact Us.