A Dashboard publishing solution for Data Science teams to share results with decision makers.

Run a private on-premise or cloud-based JupyterHub to instantly publish notebooks as user-friendly interactive dashboards to share with non-technical colleagues.

Reliably, instantly, and securely share data visualisations and prototypes based on any popular data science framework – not just Jupyter.

Streamlit, Plotly Dash, Bokeh, Panel, R Shiny etc all work just as well.

Data Scientist creates a dashboard

Based on an existing Jupyter server, from a Git repo, or uploaded files

Other Users can view

Authenticated users can see the published dashboard

Safe and user-friendly

Viewers interact with a secure and reliable clone of the original server – without seeing any code

Open Source Frameworks

Dashboards can be created based on any open source web app framework. R Shiny, Plotly Dash, Streamlit, VoilĂ  (Jupyter), Bokeh/Panel are all supported out of the box.

The ContainDS Dashboards software is free and open source, and extends the freely available JupyterHub software.

Basic support for the core product is free via email and GitHub.