HoloViews in non-Jupyter servers (Bokeh or Voila)

If you’re using pure HoloViews objects to display charts in a Jupyter notebook, you might run into problems when trying to convert your notebook into a script to run directly in a Bokeh or Voila server. This post explains what goes wrong, and provides a workaround. The screenshots are from ContainDS Dashboards running in JupyterHub, […]

A Roundup of Data Visualization Frameworks

ContainDS Dashboards is an extension for JupyterHub allowing you to publish interactive visualizations for non-technical colleagues to try out. There are now a number of different open-source visualization frameworks supported out-of-the-box, and this post summarises those available, helping you decide which might be right for your project. Voila Voila is very closely related to Jupyter […]