Today’s release of ContainDS Dashboards 0.3.0 brings two eagerly-awaited features!

User Permissions

When creating a new dashboard, you can now choose whether to allow access to ‘All Users’ who are logged in to the JupyterHub, or just ‘Selected Users’:

You can manually add whichever users you want to be able to view the dashboard.

The selected users are automatically added to a JupyterHub group which is specially created for each dashboard.

Multiple Conda Environments

The JupyterHub admin can now specify multiple Conda environments, so the dashboard creator can select which one should be used to run the dashboard.

It’s already possible to select different Conda ‘Kernels’ in Jupyter itself, and this feature means you can now utilize those environments in Dashboards too.

Find out more here, including how this relates to Voila as a special case.


There is a new section in the docs describing what steps you need to take to upgrade to the latest version of ContainDS Dashboards.

As always, please get in touch with any questions or feedback; or raise a GitHub issue highlighting any problems.