ContainDS Dashboards is a JupyterHub extension – which allows it to leverage the security and hosting standards provided by JupyterHub – but it doesn’t inherently require Jupyter notebooks to run. You can build dashboards based on Python or R scripts, to be served by Plotly Dash, Bokeh, Streamlit, or R Shiny Server for example.

Until now, those files still needed to be uploaded to your Jupyter tree in order to make them available to ContainDS Dashboards, though. Version 0.2.0 of the cdsdashboards package allows you to create a dashboard directly from a Git repo URL.

Create dashboards from a Git repo URL

This widens the workflows available when deploying dashboards via ContainDS Dashboards. You can make changes to your dashboard on your local machine, push to git, then restart the dashboard to see your changes immediately.

You only need to enter the Git URL to use a public repo, and private repos are available using the username:password syntax where it is safe to do so.

Details are here.