In the new version 0.2.5 of ContainDS you can export the entire container as a ‘.containds’ file, including the environment (installed packages) and workspace. This file can be shared directly with a colleague or client who can import it straight into ContainDS running on their computer and use your container exactly as it was when you exported it.

To use this, click on the desired container in the left-hand control panel, then click into the Share tab. The Export sub-tab allows you to specify the folder where the ‘.containds’ file should be saved (the default is your Downloads folder). Click Export to start.

The filename will be based on your container’s name and the current date/time. Send this to your colleague who can upload the file via the ‘+ New’ screen’s File tab:

Through the ‘Browse’ dialog they can locate the ‘.containds’ file that you sent them. Click Start and the file will be imported, landing them in a running copy of your original container.

You can follow a full tutorial here.

Other updates

The Share / Clone functionality now lets you specify a tag for committing your container as an image to your Docker library.

Tags also now show up correctly for local Docker images in the New / Docker / Local Images tab.

To obtain the latest version, run your copy of ContainDS and it should detect the update and offer to download. Otherwise, install from our Download page.