The latest release of ContainDS (version 0.2.2) allows you to launch a Jupyter container directly from a git repo URL, e.g. a GitHub repository.

Select ‘+ NEW’ and click on the Binder tab. Enter a URL of a GitHub repo, or select from one of the other providers such as GitLab or an arbitrary git repo.

As long as the repo is Binder-ready (mainly that it has environment.yml files or similar in order to understand dependencies) then ContainDS will build a new image based on the repo, then launch a container for you to try out the virtual environment.

To update to 0.2.2, just run ContainDS and it should detect the update automatically. Click Yes to download, and then you will be notified again when the download has completed.

If you are installing ContainDS for the first time, please see our Download page.

As always, please get in touch if you have any feedback or questions.